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Snow! Snow!
Come out in the snow.
Snow! Snow!
Just look at the snow!
Come out!
Come out!
Come out in the snow.
I want to know
If you like snow.
Do you like it?
Yes or no?
Oh yes! Oh Yes!
I do like snow.
Do you like it
In your face?
I like it any place.
What is snow?
We do not know.
But snow is lots of fun
We know.
What makes it snow?
We do not know.
But snow is fun
To dig and throw. "

Excerpt from the book SNOW! by P.D Eastman

The above book is so fitting for the January that we have had to start off 2014.
What a Winter Wonderland we have had so far this year! All of us at Kids Unlimited are hoping that our families & friends are keeping warm & keeping their spirits high as we begin to countdown our days until Spring! February will be filled with lots of Snow, Groundhog & Valentine's Activities to keep us all busy. Let's all hope that our friend Phil, the ground hog, does not see his shadow this year- Which will mean Spring is just around the corner. Think Spring!

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