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Despite some extra rain this May, we have continued on with our many Spring activities at Kids Unlimited Childcare! Our St. Jude Bike a Thon was a wonderful success again this year! We want to Thank everyone who sponsored a rider, all donations collected are donated to St. Jude's Children's Research hospital as they work tirelessly to heal children in both body & spirit.
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Our Pre-K class with Miss Amy has very exciting news to share with all of us!
As a finale to their Earth Week Projects they have decided and officially adopted a Polar Bear, whom they named Artic. Their website calls this "a meaningful gift that gives back", you can read all about it here:
Earth Week continues at Kids Unlimited throughout the Year. Learning about animals, our environment and the impact that we have upon both is something that ties into many of our weekly themes. Ask your Pre K students about updates on 'Artic' & how they too can care for their little patch of Earth. We hope all of our children enjoyed learning about Bike Safety over the last few weeks, wearing our protective helmets, riding with our parents and keeping our eyes on the road! We are all hoping that our rainy season is passing and that their will be plenty of Bike Riding time now as the days are getting longer and warmer. Enjoy your time together!
Why Are Polar Bears Endangered - Challenges Polar Bears Face

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