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New Year, New You!

It is always nice to have a Fresh Start!
January is that time of year for most of us, so let's embrace it wholeheartedly!
We welcome all of our children back from their holiday celebrations and are moving into our winter themes as we enter the long winter months before SPRING!
A few new programs have been recently started (or restarted) at Kids Unlimited Childcare Center! Starting this Fall, we have been incorporating even more Library resources to each of our classrooms. We have joined up with North Wales Area Library & Rejoined Wissahickon Library to have access to books galore for our kids. Each week we are collecting ideas and themes from our teachers and matching them up with age appropriate stories for each class.... READ, READ, READ has always been a corner stone at Kids Unlimited Childcare, but now, we are fortunate enough to have a wealth of 2 local libraries to contribute these reading goals!
      Additionally, this year we have initiated an attendance email policy that many families have so graciously embraced. We request that an email be sent to our office any time that your child will not be attending our school that day, before 8am. This is the same requirement that you will find once your children enter North Penn School District. We are hoping that this open communication line will keep both the teachers and the office current with our children's daily attendance. Many of our dailly activities begin once all the children have arrived to school. We hope that all families will take a moment to let us know of any changes in their child's schedule, whether it is due to illness, family events or just simply a mental health day to stay home with Mom & Dad! When we have this information available to the office and teachers, we can share it with them, and move into our scheduled activities without any child missing out. We thank all of you who have already been awesome about dropping us a line about your child's changes in attendance!
        We have continued on with our Milestones in Music program this year, with our Favorite Ms. Debbie! We look forward to her Musical Visits each time! It is remarkable that she knows us all by name and can incorporate this into our Music Sessions! This is a wonderful way to 'shake our sillies' out during these yucky weather days! 
Speaking of Music & performances.....OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SHOW was Outstanding! We were so proud of all of our children who sang their hearts out, danced and really put us in the spirit of the season! Thank you to our Teachers, Parents & Families who helped with practice, prep and namely for celebrating with us!!! In our humble opinion this Christmas show gets better and better each year!!!
       We are all working together each day to make Kids Unlimited your child's favorite Home Away from Home! Keep an eye on your children's classroom notes to keep up to date on our upcoming Winter in school events... Valentine's Day, Dr. Seuss week, Pajama day & more!

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