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Make New Friends but Keep the Old Ones...

Welcome back to a New & Marvelous School Year at Kids Unlimited Childcare Center! Summer was Wonderful & it went by super fast this year, didn't it?! Many Happy memories were made both here and at home. What was your favorite Vacation memory this summer? Did you visit a new place? Did you make a new friend? Did you take the time to really enjoy all of the summer fun?

All of us at Kids Unlimited are looking forward to starting the New School year off right! Let's share our summer stories together and make new memories here with our school friends. September brings the fresh air of 'newness'
that we all enjoy. New pencils, new crayons, bulletin boards, classroom decorations and more. New friends, New teachers (have you met them?) New places to go & new things to learn. We are all mourning Summer a bit too. But what makes Summer so enjoyable, (we think) is the contrast of Fall, Winter & Spring. Special events are planned for each season of our time at Kids Unlimited....Stay tuned to see what we have in store this year! Here's to New Beginings, Fresh Starts & Learning Adventures for the 2015-16 school year.

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