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Green Thoughts for April!

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”~ Margaret Atwood

Welcome to our Earth Month Celebration! We have been learning all about our Mother Earth this month at Kids Unlimited! Spring has finally Sprung and we have turned our Earth Day celebration into a month long time of learning about growth, renewal and preservation.
We think Raffi has some great songs and positive messages about our Earth and would like to share them here with you. Perhaps his music says it better than we can.

One Light, One Sun Lyrics

by Raffi
One light, one sun
One sun lighting everyone.
One world turning
One world turning everyone.

One world, one home
One world home for everyone.
One dream, one song
One song heard by everyone.

One love, one heart
One heart warming everyone.
One hope, one joy
One love filling everyone.

One light, one sun
One sun, lighting everyone.
One light warming everyone.

We are looking forward to the continued growth of your children and their Love of learning. Learning to care for our planet is something we strive to do all year long at Kids Unlimited Childcare~ We emphasize Recycling, Reusing and Renewing this month and hope we can inspire the children & your families to do the same!

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