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Our Programs

Our spacious infant room boasts the luxuries of home & small class sizes of five or less infants.This allows more individual attention to be given to their cognitive and social learning, as well as nurturing their emotional growth through the affection of our loving staff. Infants are on their own schedules, yet comfortably mesh to create a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Your infant will be given their first explorations with art. They will create projects using fingerprints, hand and footprints. Your child's day will be further enhanced with indoor & outdoor play activities.


Typically between 12-14 months of age, your growing baby moves into our Toddler Room. It is during this time that they are beginning to show their independence. We feel that our role is to help your child develop the emotional & social skills that will enable them to enjoy the company of others.  We help them to feel good about themselves and who they are within a group.
The Toddler children work on Language acquisition skills, through daily reading and various language development activities. Their day includes a short "Circle Time" with emphasis on short story reading. The Toddlers also enjoy daily project time, which encourages fine motor skill development. Outside play time offers the use of various kinds of toys and equipment to enhance gross motor skills.

More independence continues to exhibited in our 2 year old Busy Bee Room, hence the name Busy Bees!!! Here the children experience "Circle Time" with continued emphasis on Teacher Reading, daily song time, number introduction using our daily calendar and name recognition. At this time, children are encouraged to share with their friends as they continue to acquire language skills. Daily projects promote fine motor skills by using many different types of mediums.Outside playtime consists of both structured activities and free play to engage the children's imaginations!
Our Teddy Bear Room is the home of our 3 year old children. In this room the children are continuing to grow in language development skills. Fine motor skills like holding a pencil or crayon correctly, painting, working on puzzles and using scissors properly are emphasized. Gross motor skills like running, jumping, throwing & catching a ball are developed and strengthened daily through numerous physical activities. At this age, especially, it is very important to your 3 year old's development to secure good listening skills. At this age, your child is becoming more self-reliant, and the daily activities in our 3 year old classroom help your child become more self-confident as well!
Our Teddy Bears are Terrific!

Our fantastic Pre K program prepares your child for the next phase of their young lives- Kindergarten.
In Pre K, we work on "fine tuning" both Fine & Gross Motor skills. Listening & following directions are very important Kindergarten skills that are incorporated into everyday activities and experiences. The ability to work independently, as well as in a group is also an important kindergarten readiness skill that is reinforced in Pre K.
Our Pre K curriculum blends reading and math readiness skills with a wide variety of "hands on" experiences. Reading readiness skills begin with both letter and letter sound recognition and continue through the year until we are able to practice "kid writing". The best part of the Pre K experience will be the wonderful friendships and memories that your child will form through out the year and cherish for a lifetime!